The Design of a New Intelligent Environment Parameter Control System Which Is Based on C8051F020

Yan-fei LIU, Jie-ling WANG, Qi LI, Jing-jing YANG


The remote areas have a bad natural environment. And there are some environmental parameters in vegetable cultivation that are not up to standard. Based on this issues, this paper designs a new intelligent environment parameter controller. The controller takes C8051F020 as the core control chip, and takes semiconductor refrigeration which type is C1206 as the temperature control components, and takes monocrystalline silicon solar panels as the device for collecting solar energy. The controller is tested at room temperature, the results show: The environmental parameters controller can be quickly cooled or heated to the target temperature, and the error is small, the controller can be very good for adjusting the room temperature, humidity and light intensity. The whole device is simple, the function is stable and reliable, and has a high precision control, fast response and practical.


Refrigeration, Environment parameter controller, Humidity, Temperature


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