Commercial Demonstration of Solid Fuel Production from Municipal Solid Waste Employing the Hydrothermal Treatment

Tri Sesilia SAFRIL, Bayu Indrawan SAFRIL, Kunio YOSHIKAWA


This study reports the commercial demonstration of solid fuel production from non-segregated municipal solid waste (MSW) employing the hydrothermal treatment. Non-segregated MSW are fed into the reactor, and then, 220 ℃ , 2.5MPa saturated steam is supplied into the reactor and the blades installed inside the reactor rotates to mix MSW and steam for about 30 minutes. Then the product is discharged after extracting steam. The product is powder-like substance and the moisture content is almost the same as the raw material, but is easily dried by natural drying. The inert material such as metal, glass and stones can be easily sieved out after drying. There is almost no bad smell in the solid products, and the products can be used as solid fuels which can be mixed with coal for power generation or cement production. Only 10-15% of the product is enough for steam production in a boiler. This study focuses on the product properties and mass & energy balances of the HTT commercial plant located in Indonesia with the treatment capacity of 25tons/12 hours.


Hydrothermal treatment, Municipal solid waste, Solid fuel production


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