Study of the Application of Enzyme Engineering in Environmental Pollution Treatment

Chang-ming BAO


Global environmental pollution is increasing day by day. To solve this conundrum, biologists find through research that enzyme has great theoretical significance and realistic prospect in treatment of environmental pollution and it provides a new technological means for environmental protection. This thesis elaborates the research and application of enzyme in degradation of cyanide, wastewater treatment, food processing and soil protection. Enzyme is special protein with biological catalytic activity. It’s catalyst of all biochemical reaction in organism. It’s a significant component of vital movement. Enzyme is widely used in biochemical engineering. It is extracted from the tissue or cell of animals, plants or microorganism and it is applied through fermentation. Enzyme engineering converts materials with the catalytic action of enzyme. It combines enzymology theories with biochemical techniques. Its field of research includes the production, separation, purification and immobilization of enzyme, enzyme reaction kinetics, enzyme reactor and the application of enzyme.


Enzyme environmental pollution, Degradation, Wastewater, Food, Soil protection


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