Over Review of Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance Management in China: Status, Problems and Countermeasures

Kai BAI, Xi-mei LIU, Chun DENG, Peng SONG, Wei-xin YANG, Jian-ming DONG


After rapid development in recent years, wind industrial chain includes design and manufacture of wind turbine components, turbine production, wind farm construction and wind farm operation and maintenance has been formed in China. However, it should be realized that the fast wind power industry development has also resulted in many problems. For example, the failure rate of operation equipment is high due to defects caused by unit design, manufacture, adjustment and installation and so on. Wind farm staffs are lack of professional skills and efficient management ability. In addition, defects prediction technology of wind power equipment is insufficient. These problems lead to low level management of wind farm operation and maintenance and play negative impacts on operating hours and power generation efficiency. Therefore, research on intelligent technology of operation and maintenance of wind farms is very important. In this context, the development of China’s wind power industry is briefly introduced in this paper and the status of wind farms operation and maintenance management is analyzed. The problems of wind farm operation and maintenance management in China are discussed in part three, and at the end of the paper the countermeasures are proposed.


Wind farm, Troubleshooting, Operation and maintenance, Spare parts management


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