The Principle and Development of Wind Power Grounding Design Software

Li XIONG, Kai KANG, Shao-ping DENG, Ming-xin QU, Sheng-li JIANG, Yu WANG


The grounding of wind farm should not only meet the demand of power frequency short-circuit current, but also meet the requirements of lightning impulse current. If there are defects in the design of the grounding device of the wind farm, it will result in the consequences of system shock, equipment burning, the suspension of the whole field and even personnel injury. The parameter evaluation of the grounding system of the transformer substation is an important part of the design of power system, and it is very important to carry out accurate and detailed simulation calculation of grounding grid parameters. The wind farm grounding design software developed in this paper mainly adopted numerical calculation method. The software can comprehensively consider the actual influencing factors and come up with the wind farm grounding scheme that conforms to the national standard, which is helpful for the construction of wind farm.


Wind power plant, Earthing design software, Parameter simulation, Numerical calculation method


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