Real-time Detecting System of High Knee Movement Based on Kinect

Xiao-hui ZHENG, Meng GAO, Xu MENG, Li GAO, Ming-ying LAN, Liang ZHENG


High knee movement in place is a common exercise of physical education in school. However, in traditional testing of high knee motion, manual counting consumes a lot of manpower and time, and it entails the high professionalism of referees. The present paper presents a strategy to reduce the error of counting and save manpower by using somatosensory technology and Kinect equipment. In this study, the researchers designed and developed a real-time detecting system that can track the skeleton information of objects, and then perform action recognition and counting. In repeated experiments, the system accurately obtained the skeleton information of the human body, and made valid count in high knee movement. It is envisioned that this real-time detecting system of high knee movement will open new possibilities for the way of counting in sports testing.


Kinect motion recognition, high knee movement, counting


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