Reliability Analysis of Dangerous Goods Transportation Network in Container Terminals

Xiang-da LI, Yun PENG, Xiang-qun SONG, Ke LIU, Chuan LI


With the increasing throughput of dangerous goods and the frequent occurrence of dangerous goods accidents, the transport network in a terminal is facing more and more serious security problems. Therefore, it is urgent to study the transport network reliability under dangerous goods safety accidents in order to improve the capacity of the terminal to deal with the dangerous goods accidents. On the basis of reliability theory and the container terminal operating process, the Anylogic simulation model of the dangerous goods transportation network is established and applied to the case studies. The simulation results show that the reliability of road network is related to the radius of the dangerous goods accident. With the increase of radius from 40m to 200m, the road network is seriously damaged, and the reliability is reduced from 0.49 to 0.05 consequently.


Container terminal, Dangerous goods Transportation network, Anylogic simulation, Reliability


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