Energy Consumption and Saving of China's Electric Power Industry

Yong-hua WANG, Qing-you YAN


Coal is the major energy source in China’s electric power industry. Raw coal consumption for thermal power generation accounts for 50% in national total coal consumption. Therefore, the reduction of the energy consumption of the electric power industry is of great significance in improving China’s energy efficiency. The paper made an analysis on the changes of the energy consumption of China’s electric power industry as well as the effects and the efforts made to improve the energy efficiency of the industry. Related research indicates that, the energy saving of the electric power industry involves the optimization of the energy structure for power generation, the improvement of efficiency of energy conversion, electric energy transmission, and electric power consumption services. The purpose of this paper is to reduce energy consumption in power industry and improve energy efficiency. In this paper, the method and process are mainly to solve the problem, research our country electric power industry main problems of the energy-efficiency, analyzing the change of the power plants total energy conversion efficiency and thermal efficiency data, combined with the government's macroeconomic management and market leading of the allocation of resources to realize the energy saving of the power industry. The main conclusions of this paper is, to complete our country electric power industry technology innovation system construction, efforts to improve the efficiency of energy utilization, promote the development of renewable energy, formulate incentive policies to encourage energy conservation service company involved in electric power industry, promote and power consumption in power transmission services; Innovation point is, this article puts forward the industrial structure optimization is an important way for energy saving and emission reduction, promote industry through the establishment of our country electric power industry technology innovation system, promote the conversion rate optimization of energy efficiency of the power industry.


Thermal power generation, Power transmission and distribution, Energy consumption, Demand Side Management (DSM)


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