Multi-objective Hybrid DE Algorithm for Solving VRPTW

Xiao-yu SONG, Kai-wen ZHENG, Yan WU


For the characteristics of the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows(VRPTW) 􀀀a multi-objective hybrid Differential Evolution algorithm for VRPTW is proposed. Firstly, through a linearly varying parameter controls the probability of choice of DE/rand/1 mutation strategy and DE/best/1 mutation strategy. Secondly, a crossover operation based on merge sort is designed. Finally, selection operations employ Pareto-dominated concepts and ring rules to rank individuals and output non-dominated solutions. The experimental results compared with single strategy DE algorithm and ABC algorithms show that the proposed algorithm is effective in solving the VRPTW.


Vehicle routing problem with time windows, Strategy hybrid algorithm, Merge sort, nondominated set, Differential evolution algorithm


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