Design of Real-time Auto-grouping Algorithm for Maintenance Tasks of Civil Aircraft

Peng ZHANG, Shu-yun BI, Shi-wei ZHAO


This paper aims to solve the problem of how to use computer to realize the real-time control and management of maintenance tasks packet, so as to improve the work efficiency of maintenance managerial personnel. The paper chose B737NG series aircraft maintenance tasks as the object of study. Firstly, it analyzed the attributes of maintenance tasks, and selected task number, task intervals and man hours as main attributes. Next, according to the conversion rules in AC-121-53, task intervals with different usage parameters were unified into the same usage parameter. Meantime, the regulations of the maintenance interval deviation from AC-121-53 were viewed as the basic restrictions of maintenance task grouping. Then, the real-time auto-grouping algorithm was obtained. Finally, the example was given to verify the result and compared with actual inspection packet of a certain airline. The results show that the algorithm can overcome the shortcomings of artificial packet and improve the efficiency of grouping.


Maintenance task, Task interval, Man hours, Task grouping


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