Modeling and Simulation of Energy Recovery and Stability for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on CarSim-Simulink

Zhen-zhou YOU, Ji-chan XU, Li-min NIU


The energy recovery system of the parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) tend to affect the vehicle stability, this paper analyzed the structure of the parallel HEV energy recovery system with the semi-active suspension system (SAS) and the anti-lock braking system (ABS), then built a parallel HEV energy recovery system model in the CarSim-Simulink platform, including the power, the brake, the ABS, the SAS, the controller and the whole vehicle dynamics models. Two models of integration and independent control strategy are set up and simulated respectively, the results show that integration control strategy can better keep vehicle stability, and reasonably allocate the energy recovery ratio to improve fuel economy, and indicate that the model is available for the research of control strategy between energy recovery and vehicle stability.


Modeling, Parallel HEV, Energy recovery, Stability, CarSim-Simulink


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