High-definition Modeling of a Springtime Gale Event in Tarim Basin, Northwest China

Han DING, Shuang-long JIN, Tian-liang ZHAO, Xiao-lin LIU, Shen-bing HUA, Run-fang WANG


Tarim Basin in Northwest China is one of the areas with frequent gale. This study investigated a gale event in the Tarim Basin during April 26 - 28, 2015. The gale winds were reproduced by the meso-scale meteorological model. The study revealed the synoptic mechanism of gale process. A well-developed trough in the mid-troposphere crossed eastwards over Northwest China. Accompanied with cold air invasion into the Tarim Basin, strong winds were caused by the strong pressure gradient during the process of this event and the unique basin terrain forcing the wind speed increased sharply for the gale event.


WRF-ARW, Modeling study, Gale, Tarim Basin


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