Modeling Study on a Typical Dust Storm Over the Tarim Basin, Northwest China

Lu MENG, Song GAO, Jie LI, Tian-liang ZHAO, Xing-hua YANG, Qing HE


A modeling study with the GOCART dust emission scheme and ACM2 PBL scheme implemented into an air quality model WRF-Chem (Weather Research and Forecasting model with chemistry) was conducted to simulate a typical dust event over the Tarim basin that occurred on 27 April to 1 May 2015. There were strong wind injects into Tarim Basin accompanied by a cold frontal system driving dust emission and transport for a dust storm. The dust storm event over the Tarim basin could be classified into three processes with 1)the westerly wind from the Pamirs Plateau, 2)the cold air invasion from the northeast basin and 3)the northerly cold air crossing the Tianshan Mountains into the basin. This simulation depicted the three-dimensional structure of dust aerosols in the typical sandstorm over the Tarim Basin, Northwest China.


WRF-Chem, Dust storm, Tarim Basin, Modeling


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