Simulation Analysis to Optimize the Parameters of Injection Molding Process to Improve the Residual Stress of Sprinkler Body

Kang TAO, Xiao-hong GE


Aiming at the residual stress of sprinkler body, simulation analysis of injection molding was carried out by using Moldex3D software. The process parameters in the molding process are taken as the control variables, and the 5 factors and 4 levels of process parameters are matched based on the orthogonal experimental method. The simulation data are processed, and the influence data of each factor on the residual stress are plotted. According to the influence of each factor on the residual stress, two times optimization, and finally get the best combination of process parameters. The calculated results show that the average flow residual stress is 0.141MPa, the average thermal residual stress is 0.276MPa. In actual production, the products formed by the combination of the process parameters have good quality after electroplating, which shows the practicability of the simulation analysis.


Mold flow analysis, Moldex3D, Orthogonal experiment method, Residual Stress, Sprinkler body


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