A Model of Resource Misallocation Measurement and Adjustment Based on Hybrid DEA

Xin-min WANG, Hao DING


Resource misallocation is the main cause to structural problems in economic or management fields, and resource allocation optimization is the pivotal solutions. In this paper, we modified hybrid DEA model to be hybrid directional distance function DEA model with radial grouping feature, which adapts to measure resource misallocation level and provides different directions to resource adjustment. In order to verify the validity of this model, a sample with 12 DMUs was designed, resource misallocation levels of those DMUs were measured, and schemes of resource allocation adjustment with different directional distance functions were put forward respectively. Results show that this hybrid DEA model in which imports radial grouping feature can achieve more detailed classification in inefficiency measurement of resource allocation, and the adjustment schemes can be made by choosing directional distance function in light of specific demand of each DMU, therefore personalized customization can be achieved with this model.


Hybrid DEA model, Radial grouping feature, Directional distance function, Resource misallocation and adjustment


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