Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Direct Contact Between Discrete Phase Droplet and Hot Air

Xiao-jun ZHANG, Shu-wei ZHANG, Yang MIAO


In order to study the heat transfer characteristics of direct contact between water and air, the finite element numerical model is established according to the existing heat exchanger data. The direct contact heat transfer characteristics between jet droplets and hot air are calculated by using the discrete phase model. The influence of air velocity, atomized particle size and jet flux rate on heat transfer efficiency is analyzed, and an efficient optimization method for direct contact heat exchanger is proposed. And the accuracy of simulation process is verified. This paper provides an efficient and convenient research method for the research and optimization of direct contact heat exchangers, and provides a theoretical basis for gas-liquid two-phase heat transfer.


Direct contact, Heat transfer characteristics, Numerical simulation, Discrete phase model, Influence factor


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