In Vitro Neurotoxicity Evaluation of Betel Nut Decoction on the Neurons/Astrocytes Co-cultured Cells

Chao-Ting WEN, Ji-Xian ZHANG, Hai-Hui ZHANG, Chun-Chun YIN, Chun-Chun YINd


The betel nut has attracted great research interest for their potential applications inpharmacy, food and biomedical areas. However, little information of their neurotoxicity isreported. Herein, we performed a comprehensive study on the neurotoxicity of betel nutdecoction (BND) by examining the influences of betel nut decoction on the morphology,viability, LDH release, intracellular Ca2+ concentration, mitochondrial membrane potential,synaptic plasticity-related proteins (Arc, SYN, β-III-Tubulin), neurotransmitters and glutamateof co-cultured cells. The results showed that the betel nut decoction had general toxic effects onco-cultured cells. The general toxicity indexes showed that 150 μg/mL group increased LDHrelease, increased intracellular calcium concentration and decreased mitochondrial membranepotential. Moreover, 50 μg/mL betel nut decoction treated with neurons/astrocytes co-culturedcells for 6 h caused neurotoxicity, SYN can be used as a sensitive protein for rapid detectionbetel nut decoction neurotoxicity. These results are dose related, and should be considered inthe development of bio-applications of betel nut, which provides the basis for future studies onthe mechanism of drugs-induced neurotoxicity.


Betel nut decoction, Co-cultured cells, Neurotoxicity evaluation, Neurons/astrocytes


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