Temperature Characteristics and Compensation of PET Detector

Kang YIN, Kun LIU, Xiao-Ke ZHANG, Shuang LIU, Lin-Yan XUE, Shuang-Wei XIE, Jin-Min HU, Kun YANG


The detector is the core component of PET. Temperature of the detector has a
significant impact on the quality of PET image. The operating temperature of the machine can result in reduced spatial resolution, declining image quality and diagnostic errors. Faced with the issue, a set of temperature control platform was built and the experiment about the temperature characteristics and compensation of PET detector was completed. Through the analysis of peak drift caused by the temperature change and the exploration of the law about high voltage compensation, it is concluded that the temperature, the peak and the high voltage have a certain linear relationship. Finally, the compensatory method for peak drift is summarized.


PET detector, Temperature characteristics, Compensation, Peak drift


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