Experimental Study on the Effect of Shugan Jianghuo Granule on Related Indexes of Rats with Liver-fire Hypertension Syndrome

Can CUI, Jing FENG, Bo-Li JIN, Jiao LI, Li-Hua ZHOU


Objective: The study based on previous studies that have confirmed
spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) at 14-18 wk of age belong to stable phase of liver-fire hyperactivity and chose the SHR at age of 14-18 wk as animal model, preliminarily confirmed shuganjiaghuo granule’s hyperactivity effect by observed the effect of the drug on related microscopic physical and chemical indicators of rats with hypertension of liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome. Method: 24 male SHR at age of 16 wk, randomly divided into model group, the Chinese medicine group (shuganjianghuo granule group), the Western medicine group (captopril group), and normal WKY rats as control group, collected animal macroscopic appearance, systolic pressure, rotating tolerance time, irritability level, after 3 weeks treatment, detected each group rats’ serum content of angiotensin II (Ang II) and norepinephrine (NE) by enzyme-linked
immunosorbent (ELISE). Result: After 4 weeks treatment, compared with model group, shuganjianghuo granule group significantly lower systolic pressure and irritability, rotating tolerance time prolonged, serum Ang II, NE content reduced. And the captopril group the indexes were improved significantly except irritability degree. Conclusion: 16-18 wk of age SHR belongs to stable phase of liver-fire hyperactivity, shuganjianghuo granule has obvious steady and long hypotensive effect and can improved the manifestation of liver-fire hyperactivity.
According to relevant literatures, spontaneous hypertensive rats (SHR) at the age of 14-18 wk showed liver-fire hyperactivity [1], and researches indicate that Ang II, NE significantly higher than other syndromes is important index [2] of hypertension of liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome. Therefore, this study chose WKY rats as the control group, as SHR aged 16 wk as the model group, to observed the influence of shuganjianghuo granule on microscopic index such as macroscopic appearance, systolic pressure, rotation tolerance time, irritability degree and Ang II, NE, preliminarily confirmed and appraised shuganjianghuo granule’s hypotensive effect.


Spontaneous hypertensive rats, Liver-fire hyperactivity, Shuganjianghuo granule


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