Experimental Study on the Effect of Shugan Jianghuo Granule on Hypertensive Rats with Hyperactivity of Liver Fire

Can CUI, Zhao-Yun CHEN, Li-Hua ZHOU, Cui-Ping LI


Objective: The study based on previous studies that have confirmed spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) at 14-18 wk of age belong to stable phase of liver-fire hyperactivity and chose the SHR at age of 14-18 wk as animal model, preliminarily confirmed shuganjiaghuo granule’s hyperactivity effect by observed the effect of the drug on related microscopic physical and chemical indicators of rats with hypertension of liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome. Method: 32 male SHR at age of 15 wk belonged to liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome under the equivalent transformation of syndrome standard, randomly divided into shuganjianghuo granule high dose group, medium dose group and low dose group, model group, and 8 normal WKY rats as control group, collected animal macroscopic appearance, systolic pressure, rotating tolerance time, irritability level, after 4 weeks treatment, detected each group rats’ serum content of
angiotensin II (Ang II) and norepinephrine (NE) by enzyme-linked immunosorbent (ELISE). Result: SHR at age of 14-18 wk was the stable phase of liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome. Shuganjianghuo granule had accuracy curative effect to treat hypertension and can improved the external manifestation of liver-fire hyperactivity, the medium dose group’s therapeutic effect was better than other groups. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine takes treatment based on syndrome differentiation as its core, and only the combination of disease and syndrome can fully explain the connotation of disease. Therefore, establish logical and stable animal models, as cornerstone and bridges, research microscopic physical and chemical indicators use advanced means and method could to provide objective criteria for diagnosis of
syndrome and provide important reference standards for drug efficacy evaluation. According to previous studies and relevant literatures, spontaneous hypertensive rats (SHR) at the age of 14-18 wk showed liver-fire hyperactivity [1], and researches indicates that Ang II, NE significantly higher than other syndromes is important index [2] of hypertension of liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome. Shuganjianghuo Granule is used in hypertension of liver-fire hyperactivity syndrome widely by professor Zhou Lihua, gained a more satisfactory curative effect in clinical, has been granted the national patent.This study chose SHR aged 14-18 wk as the animal model, to observed the
influence of shuganjianghuo granule different dose on microscopic index such as
419 macroscopic appearance, systolic pressure, rotation tolerance time, irritability level and Ang II, NE, preliminarily confirmed shuganjianghuo granule’s hypotensive effect and optimal dosage .


Spontaneous hypertensive rats, Liver-fire hyperactivity, Shugan jianghuo granule


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