Report on one Case of Multiple Primary Carcinoma

Xiao-Xiao YAO, Dan ZHANG, Guang-Qiang YOU


Cases of double primary cancer (cholangiocarcinoma with gallbladder) are especially rare. We report a case which is special and more significant for future diagnosis and treatment compared with other cases. A female patient had main complaints of right upper quadrant pain for 1 month, and was diagnosed with gallbladder occupying, liver occupying, hepatic cyst, renal cyst and chronic cholecystitis with gallbladder stone after MRI examination. The patient was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer with liver and hepatic hilar lymph node metastases during the operation and a palliative operation was preceded. The tumors were diagnosed as double primary cancer (cholangiocarcinoma with gallbladder) based on postoperative pathology. A favorable treatment was given. Up to 10 month after surgery the patient died.


Multiple primary carcinoma, Liver cancer, Gallbladder cancer


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