Observation on Current Situation of Higher Pharmaceutical Education in China from a New Perspective

Xiang-Ling GU, Yao-Lin LIU, Hai-Yan LIU, Ji-Wei WU, Kai-Wen ZHOU, Chun-Hui LI


Objective: This paper focuses on current higher pharmaceutical education in China with special emphasis on problems that exist. Those problems include: Rapid building up of programs based on demand for pharmaceutical specialists; Non-uniformity of program outcomes and ability to satisfy industry needs; Lack of clear educational goals and implementation means; General misunderstanding on how pharmaceutical education fits into existing higher education programs. Methods: On the basis of comprehensive consideration,
a novel perspective, i.e., ecology, is adopted to integrate pharmaceutical education with existing medical education and to seek the solution to these problems. Results: Based on the analysis through ecological aspects, some measures are suggested that accurate orientation and characteristic development of higher pharmaceutical education should be carried out, including: diversification of higher pharmaceutical education, structure optimization of talent cultivation to meet social needs as well as cooperative innovation of colleges and enterprises. Conclusions: It is expected to exactly understand to the current situation of higher education in pharmaceutical speciality from ecologic perspective and provide a reasonable countermeasure.


Higher pharmaceutical education, Ecologic perspectives, Education homogeneity, Teaching innovation


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