Analysis of the Application Value of Peony Flower

Zhen-Zhen WEI, Xiao-Yan FANG, Ming-San MIAO


Objective: To explore the medicinal and edible value of peony flower, and to make rational use of traditional Chinese medicine resources. Method: To understand the chemical composition, pharmacological action and edible value of the peony flower by consulting the literature and related information, and summarize and analyze, actively responding to the call of “Modernization of traditional Chinese medicine”. Result: The value of peony flowers is not only appreciated, but also has high medicinal and edible value. Therefore, the value of peony flowers should be further developed to lay a solid foundation for the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the rational use of medicines in clinical practice. Conclusion: Analysis of the application value of peony flower fully reflects the circular utilization of Chinese medicinal herbs”non medicinal parts”, and provides references for the development of Chinese medicine and the rational application of traditional Chinese medicine resources, so as to give full play to the application value of peony flower.


Peony flowers, Chemical composition, Pharmacological action, Edible value, Reasonable application


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