Effect of Total Flavonoids of Herba Lysimachiae on Hyperuricemia in Mice Model

Meng-Yan LI, Ming BAI, Shu-Yan YU, Ming-San MIAO


Objective: To observe the effects of total flavonoids of Herba Lysimachiae yeast
extract with potassium oxonate hyperuricemia model mice. To observe the effects of total flavonoids of Herba Lysimachiae on model of hyperuricemia in mice induced by yeast extract combined with sylvite potassium salt. Method: In addition to the blank group, the mice in each group were treated with yeast paste for 13 days and intragastric administration for fourteenth days. After fourteenth days intragastric administration, by method for intraperitoneal injection of sylvite potassium salt replicated the mouse hyperuricemia model.
After molding 8 days, large, middle, small dose group of total flavonoids of Herba Lysimachiae, Allopurinol Tablets group and Tongfengshu tablets group mice were fed with corresponding drugs at every afternoon, The blank group and the model group were given the same volume distilled water simultaneously Until 14d. Measured Serum uric acid (UA), urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine (CR) levels, serum xanthine oxidase (XOD) and adenosine deaminase (ADA) activity and observed the pathological condition of the kidney. Result:
Total flavonoids of Herba Lysimachiae can inhibit the activity of ADA and XOD; decrease serum UA, CR, BUN level, improve the kidney disease. Conclusion: different dosages of Desmodium total flavonoids have a good improvement on the hyperuricemia model mice.


Total Flavonoids of Herba Lysimachiae, Hyperuricemia, Animal model


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