Prognostic Value and Changes of Serum Connective Tissue Growth Factor Before and After Operation in Ovarian Cancer Patients

Cong YE, Jun-Rong WANG, Ming-Hui FAN, Yu-Bo HU


Objective: To explore the significance of changes of serum connective tissue
growth factor (CTGF) level before and after operation in ovarian cancer patients. Methods The level of serum CTGF was detected in primary ovarian cancer patients pre- and postoperation (n=60, Group A), normal healthy subjects (n=60, Group B) by ELISA and analyzed the relationship between changes of serum CTGF before and after operation and clinical pathological features of ovarian cancer. Results The levels of serum CTGF in ovarian cancer patients before operation were significantly higher than patients with benign ovarian diseases and healthy subjects (all P<0.01), which declined significantly 1w after operation (P<0.01). The levels of serum CTGF before operation showed significant correlation with tumor size, TNM stages and lymph node metastasis (all P<0.01). Kaplan-Meier analysis showed that patients with high levels of serum CTGF had shorter survival than patients with low levels of serum CTGF (χ2=5.385, P=0.020). COX regression models showed that TNM stages, lymph
node metastasis and the levels of serum CTGF (≥7.65ng/mL) were independent risk factors of influencing the survival time. Conclusion Serum CTGF in ovarian cancer was higher, which closely related to invasion and metastasis of ovarian cancer. It is valuable to detect the levels of serum CTGF for judging the prognosis of patients with ovarian cancer.


Ovarian cancer, Connective tissue growth factor, Prognosis


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