Characteristics and Analysis of External Treatment of Vitiligo in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hui ZHAO, Ming-San MIAO


Objective: To explore the characteristics and advantages of external treatment of vitiligo by Chinese medicine. Methods: By studying the etiology and pathogenesis of the pathogenesis of vitiligo and comparing the current status of the treatment of the disease with traditional Chinese medicine, the characteristics of vitiligo treated with traditional Chinese medicine were analyzed. Results: It was clinically proven that the external use of Chinese
medicine for the treatment of vitiligo is relatively effective compared to Western medicine treatment and internal medicine for the treatment of this disease. It can enhance the curative effect when used externally. Conclusion: The external treatment method has the characteristics of specimens, enhanced efficacy, direct access to the disease, simple and easy, and stable curative effect. The external preparations of traditional Chinese medicine have fewer side effects and have remarkable effects in the treatment of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a common skin disease caused by depigmentation of the skin. The symptoms are skin paleness and pigmentation, and the boundaries between normal skin and lesions are clear [1]. The incidence of vitiligo is more common, but the higher the skin color is, the higher the incidence of the race is, and the younger people have a higher incidence than the middle-aged and older people. In the later stages of the development of vitiligo disease, many serious diseases will be merged. The occurrence of this disease is easy to diagnose, but it is relatively
difficult in the treatment process [2]. This article elaborates on the etiology and pathogenesis of vitiligo, the current status of treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and the characteristics of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and hopes to provide some help for clinical treatment of vitiligo.


Vitiligo, Etiology and pathogenesis, Status of treatment, Characteristics of external treatment


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