The Design and Practice of Process Guidance Method in Basic Nursing Standardization Skills Training

Shu-Yun ZHENG, Ming-Juan ZHANG


Objective: to investigate the effect of the process guidance method in basic nursing teaching of clinical nursing students. Method: to apply the process guidance method into clinical teaching to solve problems nursing students will encounter in their practice; to analyze the effect of teaching by questionnaires, nursing students operating completion rates and comprehensive evaluation results. Results: The operation (standardization) completing rates and comprehensive evaluation of the results from the experimental group are better than the control group. And the differences before using the process guidance method and after using it are statistically significant (P<0.05). Conclusion: The process guidance method enhances the effect of internship. It is a new clinical teaching mode of clinical applicability, which is worth being promoted.


Process guidance method, Basic nursing, Standardization, The effect of intervention


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