Relationship Between Self-perception Burden and Sleep in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure in China

Fang-Yuan SHEN, Yan SONG, Xing-Yun SONG


Chronic heart failure is a progressive disease, which is widely prevalent worldwide. The prevalence and mortality of chronic heart failure are increasing year after year. It has be bringing a heavy economic burden[1], which can make the patient have the thought of that they are the burden of others.This is the of the burden of self feeling ,which we named SPB for short. The existence of SPB could cause depression, anxiety, guilt, self remorse and other negative emotions[2]. The patients frequently suffer from physical and mental symptoms such as anxiety and dyspnea, which seriously affect the quality of sleep and lead to sleep disorders. Studies have find that sleep disorder is one of the main symptoms of chronic heart failure, the incidence of which is as high as 70%[3], and the quality of sleep will affect the prognosis of patients with [4-5]. However, SPB and sleep status in CHF patients have notbeen reported. In this paper, we take CHF patients as the object of study, and explore the relationship between
SPB and sleep quality.


Chronic heart failure, Self-perception burden, Sleep


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