Catalyzed Synthesis and Cytoprotective Activity of 5-(furan-2-yl)-3-Phenyl-Isoxazole

Yan-Qing MIAO, Yi-Bing LI, Xiao-Wei YANG, Ying TANG, Chun-Ye LIU, Bei QIN


In this work, 5-(furan-2-yl)-3-phenyl-isoxazole was synthesized by catalyzed by
CaO as solid basic catalyst. CaO showed great catalytic activity to the condensation reaction between hydroxylamine and chalcone, giving 78.5% yield of target product at ratio of hydroxylamine/chalcone of 1.2:1 after 3h under reaction temperature of 65℃. The effects of reaction conditions on yields as well as the mechanism were studied and the yield was improved to 86.5% at the optimal conditions. Furthermore, the catalytic activity of CaO was greatly enhanced by surface modifying over CaO, and the effect of loading of modifier was also investigated. Besides, the protective effect on the apoptosis of PC12 cells induced by H2O2 by free radical scavenging of these compounds against H2O2 were evaluated by cell survival assay in PC12 cells using a reported methods.


5-(furan-2-yl)-3-phenyl-isoxazole, synthesis, Catalyst, Cytoprotective activity


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