Application of Rehabilitation Nursing in Patients with Vascular Dementia

Li-Huan LIU, Li-Ya A, Shuang WANG, Hong-Jun ZHANG, Chun-Li MEI


This study mainly discusses the application of rehabilitation nursing in patients with vascular dementia, and to find evidence of the efficacy of rehabilitation nursing intervention in the treatment of vascular dementia. Sixty patients with vascular dementia were randomly divided into observation group and control group. Patients in the control group were given routine care. Observation group of patients on the basis of conventional rehabilitation nursing, psychological nursing, intelligent training, functional rehabilitation training), 4 weeks by CDR,
WMS, ADL, FAQ, on two groups of patients on the improvement of their cognitive ability and the ability to care for daily life. The results show that rehabilitation nursing for patients with vascular dementia can effectively improve patients’ cognitive ability and daily self-care ability. The nursing model is worthy to be widely promoted in clinical practice to help more patients


Vascular dementia, Rehabilitation nursing, Cognitive ability, Daily self-care ability


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