The Effects of Rehabilitation of Life in Patients with Care Bundle for Stroke Swallowing Dysfunction

Li-Ya A, Li-Huan LIU, Shuang WANG, Hong-Jun ZHANG, Chun-Li MEI


The propose of this study was to explore the effect of care bundle on patients with dysphagia. This study adopt randomized controlled trial, patients were divided into two groups, the control group was given routine treatment, the experimental group was implemented care bundle measures on the basis of routine rehabilitation nursing. The daily training for 1 month, two groups of patients were evaluated by the correlation scale before and after nursing. The average score of Barthel scale between experimental and control group were 85.4±4.1 and 71.3±3.0 after the intervention, respectively. The swallowing dysfunction of experimental group after intervention were better than the control group. The average score of the quality of life scale between experimental and control group were 92.4±5.9 and 81.3±6.5 after the intervention, respectively. The Care bundle is of great clinical significance
in improving the rehabilitation effect of patients with dysphagia.


Rehabilitation, Care Bundle, Stroke, Swallowing dysfunction


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