Clinical Application Research on the Use of Prontosan Wound Irrigation Solution in Minimally Invasive Treatment of Breast Abscess Patients

Jie GAO, Hong-Li XU, Ke-Ren Wang, Guang SUN


Study on the effect of Prontosan wound irrigation solution in patients undergoing breast abscess minimally invasive surgery. 62 cases of breast abscess patients undergoing Minimally Invasive Surgery were randomly divided into treatment group (33 cases) and control group (29 cases). The treatment group received Prontosan wound irrigation solution flushing and the control group received physiological saline flushing. The wound healing time, postoperative drainage, postoperative hospital stay and times of dressing change were collected for statistical analysis. There were significant differences in the wound healing time, postoperative hospital stay and times of dressing change between treatment group and control group (P<0.05). There was no significant difference in postoperative drainage between study group control group (P>0.05). Prontosan wound irrigation solution is effective in promoting
wound healing, shortening postoperative hospital stay and reducing the times of dressing change. There were no side effects observed in the process of using Prontosan wound irrigation solution. It is worth in clinical application.


Breast abscess, Prontosan wound irrigation solution, Curative effect; Minimally invasive treatment


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