Efficacy of Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Followed by Ultrasound Introduction of Diprospan on Vitiligo

Ming-Wei ZHOU, Jie HOU, Xiang-Lan LI1, Yu-Xi JIA


The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of the fractional CO2 laser in
combination with ultrasound introduction of diprospan on the treatment of vitiligo. Effective rate and repigmentation time were significantly better in combining treatment group than fractional laser group and tacrolimus group (P<0.05), suggesting that fractional CO2 laser combined with ultrasound introduction of diprospan has more significant therapeutic effect over fractional CO2 laser or tacrolimus only. In addition, curative effect of faciocervical lesion
was much better than of truncal lesion in all three groups after treatment. Noticeable adverse events were not found in any patient in this study. The results demonstrate that fractional CO2 laser therapy followed by ultrasound introduction of diprospan could be used effectively and safely as an alternative modality for the treatment of vitiligo.


Vitiligo, Diprospan, Fractional CO2 laser


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