The Effect of Arita in Postoperative Drainage of Patients with Breast Cancer Modified Radical Surgery

Tong SUN, Li-Ying QU, Guang SUN


Purpose: To study the application of Arista in breast cancer modified radical surgery, whether there is any effect on postoperative drainage. Methods: To collect the data of patients who have undergone breast cancer modified radical surgery in our hospital within two years; It was divided into control group, single dose group, double dose group and multi-dose group, and compared with those in the four groups. Results the flow rate of the single dose group was
faster than that of the control group, and the double-dose group was better than that of the single dose group, and there was no significant difference between the two groups. Conclusion in the treatment of breast cancer modified radical operation, it can significantly reduce the tissue exudation and reduce the induced flow, and the overuse does not have a better effect.


Breast cancer, Drainage fluid, Arista


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