The Influence of Empathy Nursing on the Improvement of the Negative Emotions of Young Breast Cancer Patients

Li-Ying QU, Ying-Ying WANG, Guang SUN


Objective: Discuss the influence of empathy nursing on the negative emotions of
young breast cancer patients. Method: 132 young breast cancer patients admitted from February 2016 to February 2017 were selected and divided into observation group (66 patients) and control group (66 patients). The control group was given routine nursing, while the observation group was given empathy nursing based on routine care. SAS (Self-Rating Anxiety Scale) and SDS (Self-Rating Depression Scale) were adopted to analyze the influence of the
two nursing methods on the negative emotions of the two groups. Results: Before nursing, by comparing the scores of SDS and SAS of the two groups, P>0.05, which means there is no statistically significant difference; after the nursing, the scores of SAS and SDS of the two groups decreased, and the degree of decline in the control group was less than the observation group, the difference is statistically significant. Conclusion: Empathy nursing can effectively
improve the negative emotions of young breast cancer patients and is beneficial to the recovery.


Empathy nursing, Young breast cancer, Negative emotions


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