Study on the Application of Undecylenamide Propyl Betaine and Polyhexamidine in the Incision of Breast Abscess

Ya-Yun MIAO, Guang SUN, Yu-Xi JIA


Objective: To evaluate the curative effect of incision and drainage of breast abscess and postoperative application of undecylen amidopropyl betaine and polyhexamidine (Prandtl liquid dressing and wound gel). Methods: 100 cases of breast abscess, 50 cases of observation group and control group were randomly selected. The observation group was treated with undecyl amido propyl betaine and polyhexamethylene biguanide (Prandtl liquid dressing and wound gel) Drainage patients were dressing change, the control group with saline for dressing, t test was used to compare the incision healing time, the number of dressing, using the χ2 test to compare the recurrence rate. Results: The incision healed completely in both groups. Compared with the control group, the wound healing time in the observation group was shorter, the dressing frequency was lower and the recurrence rate was lower (all P <0.05). Conclusion: After incision and drainage of patients with breast abscess, dressing with undecylenamide
propyl betaine and polyhexamidine (prontosan wound irrigation solution and wound gel) can shorten the wound size after incision and drainage of breast abscess Healing time, reduce the frequency of dressing, while reducing the recurrence rate.


Undecylenamide propyl betaine, Polyhexamidine, Prontosan, Breast abscess, Incision and drainage


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