Efficacy of Comprehensive Rehabilitation on Quality of Life in Elderly Head and Neck Cancer Patients after Radiotherapy

Jian-Feng WANG, Qing-Jia Sun, Da-Hai LIU


Objective: To evaluate the effects of comprehensive rehabilitation on quality of
life in elderly head and neck cancer patients after radiotherapy. Methods: Sixty-four subjects were randomly assigned to the rehabilitation group (RG) and
control group (CG). Both groups were given routine healthy counseling, but RG was additionally provided with comprehensive rehabilitation. The depressive status, nutritional status and quality of life were assessed at the end of and three months after RT. Results: After comprehensive rehabilitation for three months, the patients in RG exhibited lower GDS, MNA-SF and higher QLQ-c30 score compared with those before rehabilitation and those in CG (P<0.05). The score of MNA-SF in CG at three months after RT was significantly better than those at the end of RT (P<0.05). Conclusion: The comprehensive rehabilitation can improve the depressive status, nutritional status and quality of life in older patients with head and neck cancer after radiotherapy.


Head and neck neoplasm; Aged; Rehabilitation; Quality of life


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