Study on the Mathematical Relationship between the Fibonacci Sequence and Luoshu

Zhao-Xue CHEN, Lian JIANG


In researches of basic theory of TCM, the Luoshu has direct relationship with the Jiugong bafeng theory. In this paper based on analysis of mathematical relations among the Fibonacci sequence, the Fibonacci rectangle and golden rectangle, according to geometric properties of the golden rectangle as well as numeric distribution rules implied in Luoshu, relationship between the Fibonacci sequence including its modular series by 10 and Luoshu is studied, and inherent and consistent mathematical relationship between them is found in spatial orientation, digital running sequence, numeric grouping and generating rules, etc. The study results of this paper can help to build up close mathematical association between Luoshu and the Fibonacci sequence, which can lay key theoretical foundation for the ultimate breakthrough for scientific mysteries containing in Luoshu and the Jiugong bafeng theory in TCM.


TCM, the Fibonacci sequence, Luoshu, The Jiugong bafeng theory


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