Application of Self-made Communication Card in the Communication of Surgery with Deaf-mutism Patients



purpose: To explore the application effect of self-made communication card in the communication of surgery with deaf-mutism patients, and to investigate the effective method of nursing in the operation room for deaf-mutism patients during the operation, so as to improve the quality of nursing for special populations in the operation room. Method: The object of study was 11 cases of deaf-mutism patients who underwent surgery in our hospital from March 2014 to October 2016. In the preoperative visit, preparation after entering the operation room, and during postoperative care, self-made communication cards were used by the nurse to communicate with patients in the operation room to establish effective information exchange interaction between nurses and deaf-mutism patients. Results: During the operation in 11 cases of deaf-mutism patients, self-made communication cards were applied to communicate with these patients, and the communication was effective without the occurrence of error and mistake. Besides, no obvious psychological disorder was found in the patient, and all patients recovered safely and discharged from hospital after operation. The treatment effect was satisfactory, and the nursing evaluation degree was high in the operation room. Conclusion: Application of communication card in the treatment of deaf-mutism patients during the operation can help to improve the effect and efficiency of communication between deaf-mutism patients and nurses in the operation room, indicating good application effect, which is worthy of popularization and application.


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