Study on External Stimulation and Toxicity of Swelling Analgesic Agent Babu

Meng-Fei ZHANG, Yan GUO, Peng XI, Ming-San MIAO


Through the observation of irritation and allergic swelling analgesic agent Babu, safety evaluation of swelling analgesic agent Babu, and provide experimental basis for clinical application. Intact and damaged skin irritation test and toxicity test in healthy rabbits; To paste the drug into the back of Kunming mice and the experimental group members on the forearm wrist 5cm, Observation of rabbit skin edema and erythema, behavior, fur luster, diet, weight and death; rat hair cover patch area and patch on the residual hair of volunteers, and record the subjects whether the skin white, itching, and comfortable in 24h.Compared with the control group, no obvious swelling analgesic agent Babu plaster irritation to rabbit skin. Residual swelling analgesic agents on Babu rat hair number were significantly decreased (P < 0.01).The number of hairs on the residual Babu agent between the groups showed a relatively balanced. Babu did not show the swelling analgesic agent, itching of skin white.Toxicological study results show that the swelling analgesic agent Babu is safe and non-toxic, compared with rubber swelling analgesic ointment, the advantages of the skin irritation swelling analgesic agent has prominent small Babu, the low rate of allergy and sticking is comfortable, and has a good mucoadhesive property.


The Swelling Analgesic Agent Babu, Thrill Allergic, Toxicity Test


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