Analysis of Animal Model Based on Clinical Features of Frostbite

Li-Ling XIANG, Ming-San MIAO, Shuo TIAN, Li-Hua CAO


To analyze the modeling methods and characteristics of frostbite animal model, and to compare with the anastomosis of traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine. Methods: Summarize the characteristics and modeling methods of frostbite in animal models, according to the clinical characteristics and diagnostic criteria of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, analyze anastomosis between corresponding clinical symptoms and frostbite animal model, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the existing frostbite animal model and promotion suggestion. Results: At present, there are few modeling methods of frostbite, which reflect the characteristics of the clinical symptoms of frostbite in a certain extent, but it lacks the animal model which can reflect the characteristics of Chinese medicine and Western Medicine, also lacks methods for evaluating frostbite models. Conclusion: Establish frostbite evaluation method is feasible, The establishment of combination disease with frostbite model is the focus of research in the future.


Clinical Features of Chinese And Western Medicine, Frostbite, Animal Models


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