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Compressive Mechanical Property of Braided CFRTP Pipe at Elevated Temperatures

R. Hori, H. N. Tran, K. Goto, T. Uozumi, A. Nakai


Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP) pipe can be used for fabrications such as frame materials of vehicle and truss of aerospace. Mechanical properties of CFRTPs decreased as the temperature increases. Therefore, the mechanical properties of CFRT Ps pipes at elevated temperatures must be examined. In this study, carbon fiber (CF) and polyamide (PA) were used. B raided CFRTP pipe was developed using open molding method with braiding technology. The compression test for the braided CFRTP pipe was conducted at elevated temperature s from 40 o C to 120 o C. The compressive mechanical property of the braided CFRTP pipe was me a sured and assessed. Results showed that b raided CFRTP pipe compressed at the temperatures lower than 60 o C was broken with ‘fiber break’ around pipe surface in the circumstance direction . Braided CFRTP pipe compressed at the temperatures equal and over 60 o C was fractured in the ‘kink- band’ type.


CFRTP, Braiding, Elevated temperature, CompressionText

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