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Modelling and Optimization of Curvilinear Fiber Composites

A. R. Sohouli, A. Suleman


The current study focuses on improving the structural performance of curvilinear fiber composites in plates and shells. Possible applications for these types of composite structures include wind turbine blades that exhibit low tensile and shear strength in the out-of-plane direction, low circumferential stiffness and critical production defects. These issues can be addressed by using curvilinear fibers to provide an optimal variable stiffness profile in composite laminates. The design of plate type structures as a level of abstraction of blades is optimized by using Discrete Material Optimization (DMO) technique to determine the fiber angle distribution. In the optimization process, the shape and the thicknesses of the structures are considered fixed and the maximum stiffness of blade is considered as the design driver. Numerical results illustrate that curvilinear fiber paths can increase stiffness and structural performance.

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