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A Cell-Based Smoothed Discrete Shear Gap Method (Cs-Fem-Dsg3) for Non-Linear Dynamic Response of Laminate Composite Plate to Underwater Blast Load

Tran The Van, Pham Quoc Hoa


The paper investigates the dynamic response of laminated composite plate subjected to underwater explosive loading. The cell-based smoothed discrete shear gap method (CS-FEM-DSG3) based on the first-order shear deformation theory (FSDT) and von-Karman non-linear kinematics are used to model the behavior of the laminated composite plate. The study is carried out in framework of a geometrical non-linear model of composite structures, in conjunction with the unsteady pressure generated by an underwater explosion. The effects of the number of layers and fiber of orientations to behavior of laminated composite plate are discussed. Numerical results demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of the present method compared with previous published methods.

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