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Method for Non-Destructive Characterization of Projectiles and Cartridge Cases



A proof of concept non-destructive test system has been designed and tested that is capable of characterizing both Cartridge Cases and projectiles, both intact as well as those discharged from a weapon. The technique utilizes a device equipped with a proprietary and patented sensor which detects energy reflected off the unit under test. This detected signal undergoes Fourier Transformation which creates a signature which can them be used for comparison with other existing samples for matching purposes. This system has been shown to be able to match Cartridge Cases as well as projectiles to a degree that could potentially allow matching of samples to a degree sufficient to determine like production lot members, and other linked criteria. This is system is projected to be much more cost effective than current systems and the hope is to have units installed in Forensic vehicles and laboratories nationwide, and globally for government and law enforcement applications. By standardizing the measurement system, data can be stored in a repository similar to current repositories, for remote access to stored data as well as to be able to upload measured signatures directly to the data base. The system has shown good results in early tests and is ready to progress through further testing to a preproduction stage, once funding has been secured to enable this.


Bullet, Projectile, Cartridge Case, Forensic ballistics, Firearms


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