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Experimental High Velocity Impacts through Float Glass and Pyrex® Plates



27 gas gun trials were performed to assess the performances of float glass and Pyrex® plates to mitigate fragments. During these trials, stainless steel 304L, tantalum and Densimet® 176 rods were fired against float glass and Pyrex® plates. The aspect ratio (L/D) of projectiles ranged from 0.2 to 5 and the impact velocity was either 900 m/s or 1700 m/s. Two 150 kV X-ray heads were positioned 100 mm and 200 mm behind the glass plate to visualize the shape of the projectile and measure its residual velocity. Aluminum 7175 (for steel projectiles) and steel S690 (for tantalum and Densimet® projectiles) witness plates were positioned 400 mm behind the glass plate to stop the projectile. For each trial, projectile residual velocity, projectile shape and damage in the witness plate constituted a consistent set of data to assess the performances of glass mitigation plates against the fragment threat.


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