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Flexible Bulletproof Armor with Modular Interlayer



The paper describes bulletproof tests of flexible armors containing different variants of modular interlayers. This elements were placed in the armor between the textile layers of the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The interlayers were made of the rheological materials: the silicone elastomer (composition of methyl-, phenyl-, borosiloxane polymers with addition of fillers and lubricating mediums), the shear thickening fluid STF (silica nanoparticles dispersed in polypropylene glycol) and the commercial shear thickening polymer as well as the same polyethylene layers which were sewn or ultrasonically welded. Before performing the bulletproof tests in order to select the most appropriate process parameters and to compare the process to other ways of combining polyethylene layers the strength tests of ultrasonically welded joints were carried out. Different variants of ultrasonically welded protective layers were made. The samples with dimensions 400x400 mm were tested with the use of the 0.44 Magnum SJHP bullet.


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