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Investigating the Mechanical Properties of Rheological Materials for Flexible Body Armour



The paper describes the rheological tests of three materials: the silicone elastomer, the shear thickening fluid STF and the commercial shear thickening polymer which are planned to be used as elements of the bulletproof vests as well as in the high impact protective equipment. In plate-plate configuration two kinds of tests were carried out. In the static mode the dependance of shear stress Ï„ and viscosity η on shear rate ðœ¸Ì‡ was investigated wile in the dynamic mode storage modulus G’, loss modulus G’’ and complex modulus G* were determined. On the basis of the recorded values in the first test flow curves and viscosity curves for materials were drawn up. The dynamic tests defined what properties (elastic or viscous) are predominant in the materials for given loads and which material exhibits the most desirable characteristics with respect to the intended application.


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