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Tubular and Reconstituted Jets using Annular Shaped Charge Liners



Shaped charge liners having annular shapes have been examined to produce tubular and reconstituted jets. This effort included using the shock wave physics code ALEGRA and experimental testing. Experiments involved explosive charges (75/25 OCTOL) of 101 mm diameter with liners of OFHC copper having overall outer diameters of 76 mm. A ring initiator was used to initiate the explosives at various radii. The annular liners had shapes of hemi-toroidal shells located about the device axis. Results show that reasonably straight-walled tubular jets can be formed. Further, it was observed that a sufficiently large initiation radius could cause an inward jet flow to form a newly formed coherent jet on axis that we refer to as a “reconstituted” jet. A practical design is presented wherein on-axis jet and tubular jets can be produced on command from a single device. Thus, this annular shaped charge has multimode capability and can be used to attack armors through its on-axis jet or attack MOUT structures where large holes are produced by its tubular jet. The reconstituted jet has substantial length and 5 km/s velocity for direct and overhead attack applications.


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