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Three-Dimensional Numerical Research on the External Flow Field of Three-Tube Pulse Detonation Engines



To investigate the characteristics of external flow field of multiple-tube Pulse Detonation Engine(PDE), the physical model of a three-tube pulse detonation engine was established. The three detonation tubes fueled by H2/Air are put side by side and they are ignited at the same time. The three-dimensional space-time conservation element and solution element method (CE/SE method) was used to solve the governing equations. The corresponding three-dimensional non-viscous numerical calculation programs were made and the characteristics of the external flow field of three-tube PDE were attained. The propagation process of various wave systems in the external flow field of PDE was analyzed. The numerical results indicate that there is a negative pressure zone in the external flow field. A strong discontinuity surface appears behind the negative pressure zone, through which the negative pressure quickly increased to high pressure. The circular shock, arc-shaped shock and the expansion wave interact with each other and continue to replace and expand with the passage of time. The region where the shock waves were located has a higher temperature than the other region, and the temperature extremes appear on the shock wave front. The interaction between the wave systems and its effect on the operation process of PDE are analyzed, which can provide guidance for the structure design and experimental research of multiple-tube PDE.


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